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  3. Genre: Drama

  4. Starring: Zita Hanrot, Samira Brahmia, Judith Caen
  5. Director: Rachida Brakni
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Storyline:  De sas en sas 2016 When I watched this terrific little gem, I could not prevent myself to think about Sidney Lumets TWELVE ANGRY MEN, speaking of a group of men jury members locked in the room besides the court one and deciding together of who was guilty Here, it is not question of twelve men but eight or nine women, and in a prison But it is not question of inmates, nor ward sisters It is question here of visitors women visiting their husbands, brothers, sons or fathers behind bars A topic never spoken about in any movie The perfect topic for a short length film You have here an outstanding piece of work, pulled by awesome performances Most of the cast are non professional actresses who give a more than realistic, poignant scenes It was set in a real prison Fleury Merogis, near Paris This jail is not shown under its best side, nor the wardens, old timers and rookies A masterpiece this little but great character study 

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