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  3. Genre: Documentary, Biography, Music

  4. Starring: Woody Allen, Ann Margret, Lucie Arnaz
  5. Director: Dori Berinstein
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Storyline:  Marvin Hamlisch What He Did for Love 2013 Composer, conductor, genius, mensch, Marvin Hamlisch was as close to a modern day Da Vinci as it gets Hit after hit The Way We Were, Nobody Does It Better, The Sting, Chorus Line, Marvin was irrepressible and prolific His streak was staggering So what made a genius like that tick What was his creative process What struggles, inner turmoil, breakthroughs did Marvin endure to realize his triumphs And when breathtaking success was followed by flops, how did Marvin cope With exclusive access to Marvins rich personal archive and interviews with Marvins A+ name collaborators, classmates and colleagues, we are able to craft a deeply personal, candid, insider portrait of one of the great artists of our time This film vividly captures the way he was 

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