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Battle of Dunki

HD - 8.3

Battle of Dunkirk From Disaster to Triumph (2018)


Battle of Dunkirk From Disaster to Triumph 2018 The events that unfolded at Dunkirk remain one of the greatest stories in human history In a race against time, over eight hundred defenseless private boats crossed the English Channel to rescue the stranded soldiers from the inferno at the beaches of

WWIIs Great Esc

HDTV - 8.1

WWIIs Great Escapes The Freedom Trails (2017–)


WWIIs Great Escapes The Freedom Trails 2017 Former marine Monty Halls retraces the routes of great escapes from Nazi territory, meeting surviving escapees and locals who risked their lives to help them

One of Ours (20

HD - N/A

One of Ours (2021)


One of Ours 2021 Josiah Wilson was adopted as a baby in Haiti and raised in an Indigenous family in Calgary, Canada Years later, when Josiah is racially profiled at an Indigenous basketball tournament and refused the right to play a sport he deeply loves, his experience makes the news In the afterma

In the Dark of

HD - 7.7

In the Dark of the Valley (2021)


In the Dark of the Valley 2021 A group of mothers discover that the Santa Susana Field Laboratory was the site of one of the largest nuclear accidents in United States history and may have exposed their children and their community to cancer causing hazardous waste

Wild Tokyo (202

HD - N/A

Wild Tokyo (2020)


It may be the largest and most densely populated city on Earth, but Tokyo's 14 million human residents share their home with an astonishing array of wildlife. From jewel beetles and goshawks in the city's shrines to the forests of Okutama where bears, monkeys, and tanuki feast, this film reveals th

Beanie Mania (2

HD - 6.1

Beanie Mania (2021)


Features interviews with passionate collectors, notable influencers and company insiders of Beanie Babies, the stuffed toys created by Ty Warner that spawned a frenzy of American greed.

While the Rest

HDTV - 9.4

While the Rest of Us Die Secrets of Americas Shadow Governme


While the Rest of Us Die Secrets of Americas Shadow Government 2020 Based on the book by Garrett M Graff, the six part series exposes the U S governments flawed plans to protect its citizens The show unpacks Americas national security spending on hidden underground cities, a secret air force and a p

Metal Evolution

HDTV - 8.5

Metal Evolution (2011–2014)


Metal Evolution 2011 2014 Metal Evolution is broken down into episodes about a different piece of metal history The series includes interviews with and about Alice Cooper, Slash, Lemmy, Rob Zombie, members of Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Slayer, Judas Priest, Van Hal

Death by a Thou

HD - 8.8

Death by a Thousand Cuts (2016)


Death by a Thousand Cuts 2016 In DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS, the brutal murder of a Dominican park ranger becomes the metaphor for increasing tension between Haiti and the Dominican Republic over illicit charcoal exploitation and mass deforestation

Aspergers Are U

HD - 6.7

Aspergers Are Us (2016)


Aspergers Are Us 2016 In this coming of age documentary, four friends on the Autism spectrum whom have bonded through humor and performed as the comedy troupe Aspergers Are Us will prepare for one final, ambitious show before going their separate ways

Born to Be Free

HD - 7.5

Born to Be Free (2016)


Born to Be Free 2016 BORN TO BE FREE is a revelatory investigative film made by three intrepid, free diving journalists Gaya, Tanya and Julia, about the global trade in wild sea mammals Their journey takes us to the most remote corners of Russia and witnesses, for the very first time, the shocking t

Jingle Bell Roc

HD - 7.2

Jingle Bell Rocks (2013)


Jingle Bell Rocks 2013 An exclusive backstage pass into a fascinating underground world of alternative Christmas music Starring an eclectic cast of characters The Flaming Lips, Run DMC, John Waters plus two dozen amazing and original songs, JINGLE BELL ROCKS is a cinematic sleigh ride into the stran

My Own Man (201

HD - 6.4

My Own Man (2014)


My Own Man 2014 David the filmmaker is 40 years old, but he still doesnt feel like a man not a real man anyway When his wife becomes pregnant with a boy, Davids manhood insecurities deepen How can he bring his son into manhood if he feels so estranged from his own This question sets him off on a que

Playboy Sexy Li

SD - 6.3

Playboy Sexy Lingerie III (1991)


Playboy Sexy Lingerie III 1991 Ten exquisite Playmates delicately concealed in silk, satin, leather, lace and less show that lingerie can be for any occasion as they have fun picnicking in the country, on a parachuting drill and at a fantasy hotel

Weed (1972)

SD - 6.3

Weed (1972)


Weed 1972 Documentary about the prevalence and popularity of marijuana in the early 1970s Featuring interviews with customs agents, a drug dealer, a law professor, and marijuana smokers, such subjects as the growing, smuggling, smoking, selling, and legalization of marijuana are all addressed Moreov

Lost Tombs of t

HD - 6.2

Lost Tombs of the Pyramids (2020)


For centuries Egyptologists have believed that the Great Pyramids of Giza were designed as tombs. But why have no bodies or treasure ever been discovered inside the pyramids? Now, the history of the pyramids could be on the verge of being re-written. With exclusive access we follow the team as they