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Ladies in Retir

HD - 7.1

Ladies in Retirement (1941)


Ladies in Retirement 1941 In the late nineteenth century, Ellen Creed works as the live in companion to Miss Leonora Fiske, a retired actress who lives in the English countryside and who still retains her theatrical mannerisms Ellen receives notice that the landlady of her two sisters, Emily Creed a

Guns and Guts (

HD - 5.3

Guns and Guts (1974)


Guns and Guts 1974 A hired gun wants to complete his last big job killing a sheriff who hides away inside an old monastery so he can retire with a prostitute

Man on the Trai

HD - 7.1

Man on the Train (2002)


Man on the Train 2002 Carrying a duffel bag, Milan, a mysterious, stone faced stranger, gets off a train and sets foot on a small village in the French province As the man enters a pharmacy, he has a chance encounter with the grizzled retired professor of French literature, Manesquier, and as one th

No Risk, No Gai

HD - 5.6

No Risk, No Gain Casino Raiders The Sequel (1990)


No Risk, No Gain Casino Raiders The Sequel 1990 Once again Alan Tam and Andy Lau team up for more gambling scams

Tragic Hero (19

HD - 6.4

Tragic Hero (1987)


Tragic Hero 1987 In the 1970s, Li Ah Chai was a powerful Hong Kong crime boss whose lieutenants were two orphaned brothers, Tang Kat Yung and Lam Ting Kwok When he names Kwok as his heir, the cruel and sadistic Yung becomes jealous The upshot during the 1980s, Kwok retires to Malacca to raise a fami

Piedone dEgitto

HD - 6.1

Piedone dEgitto (1980)


Piedone dEgitto 1980 Police Commissioner Rizzo, Bigfoot Piedone by nickname and Marshal Caputo go to Egypt and look for Professor Cerullo, who is missing The professor has discovered an insect that can smell where oil is and lots of criminals are interested in it

Hetty Wainthrop

HDTV - 7.5

Hetty Wainthropp Investigates (1996–1998)


Hetty Wainthropp Investigates 1996 1998 In order to make ends meet, and to stop a local teenage runaway from becoming a juvenile delinquent, Hetty Wainthropp, a sprightly and intelligent 60 year old pensioner looking for a new challenge, decides to become a private investigator much to the chagrin o

Exit (2000)

HD - 4.6

Exit (2000)


Exit 2000 A mentally unstable man who doesnt have a firm grip on reality must investigate whether or not hes a serial killer

Country Hard (2

HD - N/A

Country Hard (2021)


Country Hard 2021 NA

Vengeance Serve

HD - N/A

Vengeance Served Cold (2021)


Vengeance Served Cold 2021 A 15 year old Madison watched her mother be murdered by a local pimp As an adult, she takes justice into her own hands to get revenge on her mothers killer

Zanox (2022)

HD - 7.6

Zanox (2022)


Zanox 2022 As a result of a drug experiment, Misi will be able to travel through time, but only if he drinks from a special homemade spirit


HD - 6.9

Transcendental Layover (2020)


Transcendental Layover 2020 Brian, a stand up comedian whose life is spinning out of control, has to deal with kidnap, then escapes and had to search for his would be murderer who has ordered the kidnap Will he find the man who wants him dead or just more of his inner demons

Life Sentence (

HD - 7.3

Life Sentence (1979)


Life Sentence 1979 El Tarzan Lira is an ex convict who decides to give up his criminal past and reform his life However, a corrupt policeman blackmails him leaving El Tarzan no other option but to continue committing robberies Adapting the genre conventions of the film noir to the Mexican context, R