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Oh Calcutta (19

SD - 5.1

Oh Calcutta (1972)


Oh Calcutta 1972 Based on the controversial off Broadway musical comedy revue, Oh Calcutta is a series of musical numbers about sex and sexual mores Most of the skits feature one or more performers in either a state of undress, simulating sex, or both

Safety Patrol (

SD - 4.3

Safety Patrol (1998)


Safety Patrol 1998 All Scout Bozell wants is to be on his schools Safety Patrol The only problem his extraordinary and obliviously clumsy nature When Scout transfers to a new school, his new friends warn him their Safety Patrol, led by the principals son, are bullies and reign over the place What Sc

Strangers in Pa

SD - 4.4

Strangers in Paradise (1984)


Strangers in Paradise 1984 Mesmerist Jonathan Sage escapes Nazi Germany via a cryogenic tube In the 1980s, a group of Fascist Americans thaw him out, hoping to use him as a way to rid their community of homosexuals, free thinkers, and other radicals The story is interspersed with many rock dance num

The Erotic Witc

SD - 4.1

The Erotic Witch Project (2000)


The Erotic Witch Project 2000 Three beautiful college girls Darian Caine, Victoria Vega and Katie Keaneenter the woods near the small town of Bacchusville, New Jersey to make a documentary film about the legendary erotic witch that is said to haunt the area The trio were unafraid of the witchs sexy

Ugly Betty (200

HDTV - 6.6

Ugly Betty (2006–2010)


Ugly Betty 2006 2010 A young, smart and wise woman named Betty Suarez goes on a journey to find her inner beauty The only problem is that its hard for a slightly less attractive woman to find her beauty surrounded by tall skinny models at a fashion magazine but Betty doesnt let this stop her or her

Jimmy Carr: His

HD - 7.1

Jimmy Carr: His Dark Material (2021)


Jimmy Carr finds humour in the darkest of places in this stand-up comedy special. This special features Jimmy's trademark dry, sardonic wit and includes some jokes which Jimmy calls "career enders".