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Bunnicula (2016

HDTV - 7.0

Bunnicula (2016–2019)


Bunnicula 2016 2019 A vampire rabbit likes to drink carrot juice instead of blood to strengthen up his super abilities in new paranormal adventures

Ultimate Avenge

HD - 6.6

Ultimate Avengers II (2006)


Ultimate Avengers II 2006 The mightiest of heroes the ultimate Avengers must continue their war against the same aliens they fought This time, the aliens and Captain Americas old enemy Herr Kleiser the alien shape shifter who supposedly died in 1945, are invading a hidden city in Africa, where the B

Super Wings (20

HDTV - 5.9

Super Wings (2015–)


Super Wings 2015 Super Wings series revolves around an adorable jet plane named Jett who travels the world delivering packages to children With every delivery, Jett encounters a new problem that he and his friends the Super Wings must work together to solve Jett and the Super Wings have the unique a

Friends Forever

HD - 5.6

Friends Forever (2009)


Friends Forever 2009 The unsuccessful actor and vagabond Johnny Mauser needs a change from all the trouble that he has experienced while living in the city The perfect place to take a little break seems to be in Mullewapp, a little village with a cosy little farm Soon he becomes friends with Franz v

Enchantimals Ta

HDTV - 6.5

Enchantimals Tales from Everwilde (2018–2020)


Enchantimals Tales from Everwilde 2018 2020 Join them on their exciting adventures, where they head to Frozenwood in search of an ice cream that never melts and visit Grazy Grasslands, to help Merrit Monkey and Cherish Cheetah Enchantimals find the cure for hiccupitis Watch the Enchantimals plan a s

Cat Fishin (194

HD - 7.8

Cat Fishin (1947)


Cat Fishin 1947 Spike is guarding a private fishing hole in his sleep Tom sneaks in to do some fishing with Jerry as bait But one particularly vicious fish turns out to be more than Tom or Jerry bargained for, particularly when he wakes up Spike

Marcel the Shel

HD - 8.2

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (2021)


Marcel the Shell with Shoes On 2021 Feature adaptation of the animated short film interviewing a mollusk named Marcel

The Treasure of

HD - 7.9

The Treasure of Swamp Castle (1985)


The Treasure of Swamp Castle 1985 In the turmoilous 18th century, young poor Hungarian aristocrat Jonas helps Szaffi, a young pretty gypsy Romani girl and the illegitimate daughter of a Turkish pasha, get the treasure thats owed to her by the right of inheritance

Love Monster (2

HDTV - 6.4

Love Monster (2020–)


Love Monster 2020 The adventures of hairy hero, Love Monster, as he navigates the challenges of being the only monster in Fluffytown a world of cute baby animals

Mach, Sebestova

HD - 3.9

Mach, Sebestova a kouzelne sluchatko (2001)


Mach, Sebestova a kouzelne sluchatko 2001 A live action adaptation of the popular childrens cartoon series about a couple of school kids who live through an incredible adventure thanks to a magic telephone receiver In the feature version, the animated characters become normal children to see what re

Habfurdo (1980)

HD - 7.3

Habfurdo (1980)


Habfurdo 1980 Zsolt Mohai, an eccentric shop window decorator in his 40s, drops by Anna Paradi on his wedding day, asking her to phone his bride Klara Horvath and call off the event Drama, discussions and musical numbers ensue over topics like romance, loyalty, ambition, and settling for a family li

Heathcliff the

HDTV - 6.6

Heathcliff the Catillac Cats (1984–1987)


Heathcliff the Catillac Cats 1984 1987 The misadventures of the feline troublemaker while the Catillac Cats gang have adventures of their own

Aria the Benedi

HD - N/A

Aria the Benedizione (2021)


Aria the Benedizione 2021 NA

The Mysterious

HDTV - 8.2

The Mysterious Cities of Gold (2012-)


The Mysterious Cities of Gold 2012 In a remake of the 1982 series, Esteban, Tao, and Zia continue their quest for cities of gold

HDTV - 5.1

Morphle (2019–2022)


Morphle 2019 2022 Milas dad runs the only magic pet store in the city a fantastical place where you can find all sorts of cute and quirky pets who each have their own unique magic powers, and he has gifted Mila the most magic pet of all, Morphle Morphle is an energetic little red creature who can mo

Beauty Water (2

HD - 6.2

Beauty Water (2020)


Beauty Water 2020 Ye ji comes across mysterious water that enables her to lose weight and reshape her appearance She finds her life is more in danger the more she desires to be beautiful

Fruits Basket P

HD - 7.5

Fruits Basket Prelude (2022)


Fruits Basket Prelude 2022 Based upon Natsuki Takayas Fruits Basket manga series, It centered around Tohru Hondas parents accompanied by a digest episode of the anime series, narrated by Kyo, and a brand new anime story about Tohru and Kyo, set after the series

Blue Thermal (2

HD - N/A

Blue Thermal (2022)


Blue Thermal 2022 Tamaki Tsuru, a freshman at Aonagi University, was overzealous about volleyball when she was in high school Following a romantic rejection due to being an athletic girl, she joined the tennis club in college to be less athletic

Over the Sky (2

HD - 5.3

Over the Sky (2020)


Over the Sky 2020 Mio has feelings for her childhood friend Arata, but cant convey her feelings One day, as they continue their delicate relationship, the two fight over something trivial After letting tensions settle, Mio goes to make up with him in the pouring rain While on her way, she gets into