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Sinful Temptati

SD - 4.2

Sinful Temptations (2001)


Sinful Temptations (2001) A bored housewife takes on a new modeling career. Soon, affairs and all sorts of ciaos break out.

Sinful Obsessio

SD - 5.1

Sinful Obsession (1999)


Sinful Obsession (1999) Zanthe is a bored housewife who has a sexually unfulfilling marriage to a successful lawyer, Alan. She also has sexual fantasies about her husband's coworker McCabe, and when she finds out that his beautiful dates are actually high class prostitutes, it piques her interest. S

Animal Attracti

SD - 4.5

Animal Attraction: Carnal Desires (1999)


Animal Attraction: Carnal Desires (1999) When business becomes pleasure at a massage parlor, someone has to lose.

Deviant Obsessi

SD - 4.9

Deviant Obsession (2002)


Deviant Obsession (2002) Joan Alton is a lawyer who goes undercover at a strip club to gather clues that might exonerate her lover who has been accused of murder. While the defendant's secrets unveil, she will stop at nothing to catch the real killer.

Kissing a Dream

SD - 4.1

Kissing a Dream (1996)


Kissing a Dream (1996) Kissing a Dream: Disenchanted with her job and cheating husband, an ad copywriter places a personal ad for a lover that is quickly answered. What begins as a torrid and passionate liaison turns into an exercise in dangerous obsession.

Wicked Temptati

SD - 5.5

Wicked Temptations (2002)


Wicked Temptations (2002) When sexy female private eye Sam Sharp (Monique Parent) is hired to find a magazine publisher's missing wife, it seems like a routine case. But she's soon out of her league -- and when a corpse turns up at the bottom of a pool, Sam uses herself as bait in a seductive attemp

Bare Deception

SD - 3.8

Bare Deception (2000)


Bare Deception 2000 The ratings of a radio sex talk show are dropping But after a listener is murdered, the sexy host finds her popularity is rising again Is she behind the killings, or is it her producer or someone else